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Tracy Berg: Guestbook


November 14, 2009

Such beautiful music. Thank you for sharing your talents with us through your music.

Tracy Berg ( yep that is right!)

November 12, 2009

I wanted to check out your site since we have the same name. Sounds like you really enjoy what you do. Good luck.


October 26, 2008

Outstanding music tastes and great music-love it! Makes me wanna dance! :D But I wonder if you take it all for granted since you have done it and been around it so long.

The piano music took me back to when my mother played. I loved it, but my father said that she always played the best when she was upset. Her music was so powerful and beautiful, but that was sad. She died when I was 12.

Saw your profile on CM, wanted to send you a wink, but the last time I did something like that to someone, it got me in a lot of trouble :D

Decided to google your band, found you on myspace, and then followed the website address given, and ended up here. I am DEFINITELY going to bookmark it.

Tish :D


September 28, 2008

Just an amazing site!


July 5, 2008

Very nice!


April 17, 2008

Love the site! Your music sounds great, as always. Take care.

Betty Saxon

January 25, 2008

Hi Tracy,
I wanted to let you know that I listened to your new album. I enjoyed all of the music. You are doing great. Keep on keeping on and know that God is guiding you with every note you write and play..Isn't that an awesome feeling!!!!



October 12, 2007

Good morning
Thanks for your site.

Kim Doan

October 11, 2007

hey Tracy!
I miss you and I especially miss having piano lessons with you. I'm so glad i got the chance to learn from your talent as i see what an important role music plays in my life - both as a creative medium but also as a therapeutic source that i can always turn to. I don't know if Steven ever resumed his lessons but he's actually improving a lot right now! I'm also taking a history of rock music course here at UT-Austin and i was surprised how many of the pieces you taught me were covered. Anyway, i hope you (and Jordan!) are doing well and everything is going great for you. Maybe one day i can drop by and say hi next time i'm in town, or you can call me if you have some free time.


July 7, 2007

Tracy, it was a pleasure meeting you last night... I think you have a great web site... we'll talk some more later,


isaiah Harasim

May 22, 2007

hey tracy
hope to hear from you soon.
Just want you to know you are the best piano teacher that I have ever had. Im coming back its for sure now. I got everything straight here at work.

Kasten Walther

January 23, 2007

Viele Grüße aus München! Ich hoffe, dass bei Dir Alles im grünen Bereich ist.
Servus u. Pfiatdi,

Kim Espinosa

August 30, 2006

Hey Tracy! Long time, no talk. I was just browsing for some stuff and ran across your site! I would like you to know that you were an excellent teacher, and I have not given up my love for piano. Even here in Austin, in the busiest times in college, I flock to the piano to calm myself down. It is an escape, and a talent you have taught me much about. I don't know if I ever thanked you, but I would love to hear back from you. Drop me a line if you have some time, please.

Sincerely yours,
P.S. You really put a lot of yourself into your music. I have never heard it until now..truly amazing.

Elizabeth Hibbler

June 3, 2006

Wow i can't beleive how you put this music all together so well! i love the sound of all the songs! i wish you alot of good luck with your teaching and your fantastic music. you are a great teacher and i like how much you put towards your music. i'm sad your leaving:( i'll miss you.

Laura Braden

June 3, 2006

Wow, now that I know how good you really are, its going to take me at least three tries to get past the first note. :) Anyway, to the world's greatest teacher, best always.


June 3, 2006

Nice job Tracy!
Ich werde dein link zu all meinen Freunden und Bekannten schicken.
Kann ja nicht schaden!
So machs gut.

jillee berg

June 3, 2006

I Love You Daddy!