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Tracy Berg: Press/Reviews

Tracy's music is very compassionate and moves me. You can almost visualize what he is writing about.

Being a fellow pianist, hearing this cd made me yearn to play my own piano. But never in my lifetime, could I ever play with so much heartfelt emotion as Tracy puts into his pieces. It was a great joy to listen to this artist.

Tracy is very talented, and I look forward to future cd's.
jill montgomery (Nacogdoches Texas) - compassion and great talent
It is so refreshing to come across an album with pure, raw acoustics of solo piano, especially in a day and age where there is a reliance upon technology to help the artist. Here this artist has no crutch, just the pure, acoustic sound of each hammer hitting the strings in a touch that is ever so gentle, and soothing. His music evokes such emotion that one can truly hear all that he is saying through each one of his original compositions.

His is a style that will touch everyone..........a combination of Jazz, New Age, Classical and Pop. This is a must for all piano lovers, and if not yet a fan of the instrument, you will instantly become one! But more importantly, one of Tracy Berg because of his touch and passion that he brings to his music and the instrument. No music library will be complete until you add "...slight chance of rain..." to your collection. This is a CD that you fall in love with more and more each time you listen to it and won't find sitting on your shelf, collecting dust like so many others we all have in our collections. You will want to share your find with all that come across your path!

I have had the privilege of studying with this artist and congratulate him on such a wonderful contribution to the music world! Tracy is such a talented artist, composer and teacher, and I am anxiously awaiting his next release. Keep track of this talented won't want to miss his next album!

Music is truly a language that speaks to all, and Tracy's music speaks to all in such a beautiful way that will take your spirit to new and glorious heights!
Slight Chance of Rain takes the listener on a path of experience through the eyes of a truly talanted musician. Throughout this CD, the listner is rewarded with the superb composition and performance from this solo pianist. Music lovers should consider this CD a must for their collection.
A music fan - Solo pianist that is true to his music
Tracy has put together a wonderful collection of beautiful songs. They are gentle and soothing to my mind, heart and soul. These songs provide a relaxing escape at the end of a long, hard day at work. There is joy and peace expressed in these melodies.
Paul M. (Houston, Texas United States) - Gentle and soothing music
The music is gentle, loving, and reflects emotions that appear to have been hidden deep in his soul. It is simple, beautiful and can be used for meditation. Since meditation is sometimes used to look deep within ourselves, and to reach out to touch the God that is within us, we need music such as this to help us to do this. He appears to have captured feelings that many of us feel-yet are afraid to let others see or hear.

The music captures your mind-and makes you think of so many things. Some beautiful, some that may have been painful, and others that are happy. You can feel joy,pain, and possibly final acceptance of what is. Maybe the final acceptance will now allow him (AND all of us) to sour-(remember the book "Livingston Seagull") where the bird found out who he was and learned to soar. This is what I hope people will be able to do as they listen to this music. To reach down, pull out what is not needed, (leave it there) and take with them the "pearls" (beautiful memories) with them.

Tracy I wish you all the love and luck with your music. Continue to compose-you have much to offer others.
Sally C. (Apr 11, 2006)
Tracy Berg's debut record, "Slight Chance of Rain", has to be one of the best independent new age records I have ever had the opportunity to listen to. Each track is unique in and of itself and offers its own contribution to this great record as a whole. I have only had this record a few days, but it is truly worthy to be placed under my "ear candy" section in my musical library. Be one of the first to jump on this new artist's bandwagon because I know he is going places.
Brandon Stanley (Apr 11, 2006)
Here you find a unique blend of Jazz, New Age and Pop styles creating a sound that relaxes, soothes, uplifts and rejuvenates the listener. A variety that is sure to please every type of listener.

Tracy plays with such beautiful expression that it truly makes the listener feel every emotion that inspired him to compose each of these original compositions.

Music reaches our heart, mind and spirit in ways where words simply can not. Tracy's music reaches in a way that leaves you yearning to hear more! As his title states, "Once Is Not Enough".