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Tracy Berg: Get CDs

Slight Chance Of Rain - CD

Beautiful, relaxing, reflective,romantic solo acoustic piano music that has elements of New Age, Classical and even a touch of Jazz. Quiet, yet passionate. Simple, yet sophisticated. A welcomed encounter for the soul. Hauntingly melancholy at times. Thematic in nature, this album tells an episodic story from beginning to end.

Once Is Not Enough - CD

Pop/Jazz/New Age music presented in interestingly varied multi-instrumental formats. Popish songs without words, that are fun, uplifting and driving, along with colourful ice chilled slow jazz piano interludes. An album which is optimistic and upbeat, yet sentimental and reflective.

Melange - CD

Jazz/New Age/Ambient styled, vividly soft, instrumental tunes and acoustic piano solos presented in a vast array of colors that paint a really cool picture for the listener. Chills down to the core. Ice chilled for your listening pleasure. A very tasty variety!